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pink General Info d'arcy | 06.04.03

The Gathering 2003 blir avholdt 16 til 20 april 2003. Dørene åpner klokken 0900 den 16 april. Det vil være mulighet for dagsbesøkende, les mer lengre ned på denne siden.

Har du spørsmål, les gjennom FAQ'en her har du et spørsmål som ikke er besvart der, mail oss, trenger du pakke-liste finner du det her.
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Root User | 20.02.04

TG03 internet connection d'arcy | 07.04.03

TG03 will provide a 1 gigabit link to the Internet. In cooperation with BaneTele, we've provided our own fibre to give this kick-ass speed. Knowing you guys out there, it'll barely be enough anyhow!

Recycling-lottery! d'arcy | 07.04.03

Want to win nice prizes by giving away your garbage?
Like last year, we will have a recycling-lottery at TG, but this year there will be added a new way of getting tickets.
This year you'll get tickets by delivering your bottles, cans and even garbage for recycling.

19:30 every night we'll draw the winners on stage. First prize every night will have a value around 2500,- nkr. There will also be alot of nice smaller
prizes. Remember that the tickets you get from the bottles, cans and garbage you deliver on ex. wednesday will be a part of the drawing every day. That means your chances of winning will grow bigger each day.

On saturdays drawing we'll check out who has been the best two recyclers, and those will be rewarded with cool prizes.

Thanks to several of our sponsors, we have several nice prizes this year as well. Remember to bring your PTN-card, since your ticket numbers will be added to your PTN-account, instead of the paper tickets used last year.

So keep your seating area clean at The Gathering - Turn in the garbage!
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Daytime visitors d'arcy | 03.04.03

Du kan kjøpe dagsbilletter mellom 09:00-18:00. Disse er gyldig i 12 timer.
Du må betale 600,- i depositum, og du får igjen 400,- når du forlater hallen. Det vil i praksis si at du betaler 200,- for å være i hallen en hel dag.

NYHET! Familie billett!
1000,- i depositum. 700,- tilbake ved å gå ut innen tiden. Dekker inntil 3 familiemedlemmer.
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Hotel during The Gathering? d'arcy | 06.03.03

Scandic Hotel is located close to the Vikingship at Hamar and we have arranged for some reserved rooms for TG's visitors, to a good price of course. If you call (or use email) to book a room, remember to list "The Gathering" as your reference to get the following prices:

Price for bed in triple-room: 300,-
Price for bed in double-room: 350,-
Price for bed in single-room: 540,-
(pr. day of course)

The prices include a delicious breakfast buffet each day. For orders, mail directly. For more information, click the link below.
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Tablespace d'arcy | 12.02.03

Under TG vil du få tildelt en bordplass som er 80 cm bred og 60 cm dyp. Så, det er muligens ikke så smart å ta med seg lamper og TV'er, men du vil fint få plass til skjerm og PC.

During The Gathering, you'll get a tablespace with the dimensions 80x60cm

    basic info
  What: TG04
When: 7th of April - 11th of April 2004
Where: The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway
Tickets: 02.02.04
Ticketprice: 570 NOK + PTN fee
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thermo plastique
thermo plastique by inf

Party: TG 2002
Rank: 1st
Platform: Windows
size: 8,9 mb - download

live evil
liveevil by mandula

Party: Assembly 2000
Rank: 11th
Platform: Windows
size: 6.9 mb - download

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