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     Party Information
Q: Will I be able to buy tickets through BillettService this year?
A: No. Tickets will only be sold at - you'll find more information about the tickets, and a ticket-faq here. We haven't sold tickets through BilletService for two years and
it is unlikely that we will go back to them in the future since the past has shown that they are not capable of handling the number of requests that we get, regarding TG.

Q: I have some questions about tickets that are not answered here!
A: What did I just say? Check out our Ticket-FAQ before asking!

Q: Where will The Gathering 2003 be held?
A: At 'Vikingskipet', Hamar, Norway.

Q: When will The Gathering 2003 be held?
A: From the 16th to 20th of April 2003.

Q: How many people will attend TG03?
A: 5100, not including day-by-day visitors. That's right, baby,
TG is the largest computer party in the world!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: 530,- + ticketfees at PTN (roughly ~560,-)

Q: I represent a company that's interested in sponsoring TG03 - who should I contact?
A: Send us an mail at

Q: I have some questions about the tickets, and I'm too lame to read the ticket-FAQ,
I just want to sit back, drink some coke, be lazy and have someone hand me alle the
answers I need. What do I do?
A: There are three things you can try; 1) Read the ticket-FAQ, 2) Read the ticket-FAQ,
or if both of those options fail, there's always the third way out; 3) Read the ticket-FAQ!

Q: How old do I have to be to attend TG?
A: There isn't any set age, but you'll have to be able to take care of yourself.
If you travel with someone in your family or your friends you should be okay,
no matter what age. :)

Q: Can I sit with my friends?
A: Yes, you can pick seats next to each other in the Partyticket tableregistration.
(NOTE! It's not online just yet, but will be pretty soon. Just check PTN once in
a while :)

Q: I've lost the Partyticket-card I got last year? What do I do?
A: You'll register your card as 'lost' in Partyticket.

Q: Will the TG-newsserver be up this year?
A: No, we'll be using a web-forum instead -

Q: Forums suck, I want news!
A: This forum doesn't suck, and you won't get news. :)

Q: Do I need my own computer to attend TG03?
A: No, but we won't lend you one and one could also argue that having a computer
is a big part of going to TG.

Q: I want to be a TG03 crew member - what shall I do?
A: You apply for crew through

Q: Do we have to stand in a queue to get in this year too?!
A: Most likely.

Q: What if my computer or other stuff is stolen/broken at TG?
A: The Gathering is not responsible for any economical losses, direct or indirect,
due to circumstanses connected to the event.

Q: Will there be a CS compo at TG03, huh, HUH?
A: Yes. Read more - games.

Q: Uhm, ok, but, what other compos will be hosted?
A: We'll host a lot of different compos, scene- and game-compos.
More information will be added soon. The focus of TG is to have fun with both
demoscene and creative competitions as well as games and more.

Q: Can i bring my supah-dupah-big megawattage sound system and blast out a badly
compressed version of some lame song?

A: No, sucker. More information about the rules will be added soon.

    basic info
  When: 16th to 20th
of April, 2003

Where: The Vikingship
How much: 530 NOK
Tickets: 12th of February
Right now:
Register for a seat

16th of april:
The Gathering 2003
    random sweets
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thermo plastique
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Party: TG 2002
Rank: 1st
Platform: Windows
size: 8,9 mb - download

live evil
liveevil by mandula

Party: Assembly 2000
Rank: 11th
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size: 6.9 mb - download

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